B Radiant Overnight Mask

It’s been a while since I posted about the B eye cream that I fell in love with, but there’s another product from the range that I’m equally in love with. As spring creeps ever closer, we’re all on a quest for ultra radiant skin to support those light weight bases we’re all off throwing our money at. The answer, my friends, is the B Radiant Overnight Mask.

B Radiant Overnight Mask

This glorious little potion comes in a weighty glass container that feels as if it cost far more than the original £5.99 I spent since B. skincare is always on offer. It has a bizarre texture – the only thing I can compare it to is a slightly less stretchy, goopy version of the bouncy sleep mask from The Body Shop (half the price, too). It’s somewhere close to a really thick gel, but it melts onto the skin beautifully and bounces back to it’s original shape.

B Radiant Overnight Mask

On first application it feels a tiny bit sticky on the face, but after a few minutes this completely vanishes and I can safely pop to bed without my face sticking to the pillow (or Liam, for that matter).

The overnight mask if from the Skin Stage 2 range – designed for your late 30’s to be combat signs of aging – but it’s never too early to start right? It contains ingredients designed to intensely hydrate, smooth and moisturise without overloading the skin – meaning it doesn’t feel super oily either (thank christ) and keeps the skin bouncy and radiant. This is particularly good if your skin is prone to dehydrated or dry periods, too.

I used this particularly during the transition from super cold and nasty winter weather into the early spring – times when my skin is particularly confused and tricky. It’s also super handy for days where I somehow forget to drink basically anything and my skin feels like a mask.

B Radiant Overnight Mask

I pop this overnight mask on after cleansing/toning/oiling my face of an evening – despite it’s weird texture a little really does go a long way and after a few minutes you can barely even tell that you’ve slathered your face in it. By morning my skin is always velvety smooth – and the beauty is that this doesn’t break me out at all compared to most heavier duty night treatments. For such a lightweight mask, this really packs a punch of hydration that makes a real difference without feeling sticky or claggy all night.

By morning it doesn’t feel like there’s much on your skin at all, but you rinse and cleans your face as normal anyway. I tend to throw this on once or twice a week depending on when I feel like I need it – but there was a point in winter when I was near enough using it nightly.

Have you tried anything from the B Skin Stage ranges yet? Will you be trying this overnight mask?


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  1. I still haven’t tried anything from B’s skincare range yet but I really need to, this sounds so good! I’ve been curious about The Body Shop’s Bouncy Sleep mask for a while but I think I’ll try this (much better price haha) xx


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