B Nourished Eye Cream – A Winter Skin Saviour


B Nourished Eye Cream

I am almost 24 and I am already getting wrinkles – Lord have mercy on me.

Let this be a lesson in why you should take care of your skin. I’ve said time and time again on this blog that I don’t take care of my eye area well enough, and just before Christmas I sort of lost my temper with myself and set out on a mission to find some eye products that really worked for me.  The first was the Gosh Prime N Refresh (review) and the second was the B Nourished Eye Cream.

There are many reasons I love B – Ethically aware, largely vegan-friendly, and most importantly they are bloody good products. I am yet to try one that I don’t love. The B Nourished Eye Cream is no different.

B skincare is separated by stages suitable for various age groups and a general overview of what each group’s skin will need – but not one to follow the rules I jumped in head first and picked up an eye cream made for people over 50. I may not quite be there yet, but my eye area was dry, sore and miserable, so we really needed the big guns.

B Nourished

On to the actual product though – the B Nourished Eye Cream is a thick, luxe feeling eye cream that you dab just a little of around your weary eye area and you can literally feel your skin drinking it up. None of this “extra light formula” here, the B Nourished Eye Cream feels kind of heavy as you massage it in… and then it vanishes, leaving your skin soft, hydrated, and generally feeling pretty lovely.

b nourished

The formula is what puts me off eye creams, usually. Light formulas with a milky or gel-like texture usually don’t feel like they’re doing much for me – a step in my skincare that just feels pointless, and I almost never feel any real results for them. Too heavy and I’m put off by my skin feeling coated and greasy, and as I usually apply both morning and night it’s frustrating to have a product just sat on your skin.

The B Nourished Eye Cream feels like a happy medium to me -thick enough and weighty enough to feel like I’m actually doing something, but not so heavy that I can’t apply makeup later on.

I don’t know that I’m really super trusting of anti-ageing creams but I can vouch for the fact that this stuff is so moisturising that my skin is no longer tight enough to “wrinkle” when I do scowly faces at Grey’s Anatomy, so I’ll take that as a win for me.

Have you tried many B Skincare products? Would you like to?

The B Nourished Eye Cream is available at Superdrug for £6.45.


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5 thoughts on “B Nourished Eye Cream – A Winter Skin Saviour

  1. I wanna try more B. products and I also need a new eye cream so this post has come around at the right time! I’m 21 and my eyes are starting to go all wrinkly as well so you’re not the only one, this sounds great for sorting them out 🙂 xx

    1. I have a whole list of products to try from them! I’ve heard their foundation is good too so I think that might be next on my list xx

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