Unboxing August’s Love Lula Subscription Box

Christ, August has gone by quickly, hasn’t it? My birthday month, the month of multiple eclipses and the month my postman kept me waiting on all my packages for what seemed like an eternity.

He did, however, turn up eventually with my Love Lula Subscription Box. I had spent days at this point waiting, scrolling through the Love Lula Beauty Group, ogling pictures on Instagram and browsing many-a review of all the products inside.

August's Love Lula Subscription Box Unboxing

Unfortunately, this means it wasn’t much of a surprise when it actually turned up, but it was a nice surprise all the same. Here’s what’s inside…

PHB Ethical Beauty Eyeliner

If you happen to be familiar with my Instagram you might have seen I stopped wearing makeup recently, so honestly, this is kind of a badly timed eyeliner. I’m still yet to try a PHB product that I haven’t liked though, and I’ve repurposed this to use for my brows instead (the one bit of make up I still allow myself alongside mascara).

This is a lovely buttery eyeliner that has some serious staying power and is enough of a gentle brown shade to make your eyes pop without being too reminiscent of your 2005  emo days.

Glossworks Nail Polishes

Lately, I’ve been getting back into painting my nails but I’ve been trying much harder to switch to more natural brands.

I’ve been really enjoying trying the 3-in-1 base coat/top coat/nail hardener that came in this months box. I’m a bit rubbish at remembering bases as a step in my nail care and spend a ridiculous amount of time complaining about chipped nails, but this really does help.

The coloured polish is the shade Name Of The Rose and is a tad beyond my usual colour scheme but you can’t deny it’s a stunning summer shade. It adds a nice pop of colour, doesn’t stain your nails and comes off with minimal stress and scrubbing. Another winner.

Beauty Brews Energy Tea

I’m having a bit of a moment with teas since giving up coffee, so this was a pleasant addition for me.

I saw a few people complain they didn’t want tea in their boxes and to those people, I say: live a little.

The energy blend is full of passionfruit and ginger, and to be honest smells divine.

I’m yet to try the way unfortunately as it is a loose leaf blend and I don’t have a tea strainer to hand since we moved, but that will hopefully be fixed soon!

Balm Balm Chamomile Hydrosol

You’ve probably seen by now that I am obsessed with a good mist, and I have a whole post about the other Balm Balm hydrosols so it’s really no surprise that I was super excited to see this in this month’s Love Lula Subscription Box. It’s also no surprise that I am completely in love with it.

Like most plant hydrosols it’s a bit of an acquired scent, but I’m a fan personally and find Chamomile super soothing. I like to use it after washing my face after the gym, as it’s super cooling and calming on my (usually) very hot and bothered skin.

This is a product for you if you suffer from any sort of irritation or have sensitive skin that is easily upset by other toning products.!

And that’s this months Love Lula Subscription Box! Are there any products you’d like to pick up?


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*Post contains affiliate links. I receive the Love Lula Subscription Box as part of their Accredited Blogger Program. All views remain my own and posts are always written in my own words. See my disclaimer for more info!



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