April Cruelty Free Round Up: Beauty, Going Vegan and Ice Cream

Another month has flown on by and so here we are again with the second installation of my Cruelty Free Round Up series – monthly share of some of my favourite blog posts of the past month. This month we have tonnes of tips for going cruelty free or vegan (or both) – what to do if you can’t, and some super tasty food.  You can check out March’s Cruelty Free Round Up here– but sink your teeth into these first!

Chloe Abilgail’s post on Why Being Veggie Has Never Been So Easy – I’ve been vegan for a reasonably short space of time in the grand scheme of things, and recently it feels like there’s new vegan products coming at you from all angles. I grew up veggie and remember living largely on pasta with cheese and occasionally some quorn – cool products like soya milk were expensive and even veggie meat alternatives were pricey. In 2017 there are veggie options everywhere, and vegan options are growing every day. A fab post highlighting all of this!

Cruelty Free Hayley’s post on CF Brands At Boots – Honestly I find Boots quite hard t shop at, but after seeing such a lengthy list of brands now available there I’ll definitely be paying a visit! There’s some great info in here about the CF status of a bunch of well-known brands – some I really wasn’t expecting either!

A Bad Vegan’s post on Vegan Cheese – Cheese glorious cheese! I’m yet to try some of the cheeses mentioned in this post, but I’m getting more adventurous with the options I’m trying and have been loving them. Lisa’s post is worth a read if you have a local Tesco!

Tara’s post on Going Vegan – Tara’s post is a great take on transitioning into veganism and is full of tips for if you’re considering it. Some of it is stuff I wish I’d thought of when I was first transitioning – it might have been an easier ride!

Amanda’s post on B’s Vegan Lip & Cheek Tints – I’ve actually had my eye on these for a while in superdrug and having seen some swatches I am so on board for picking some up. Amanda’s post is full of gorgeous photos, fab swatches and a lovely little review if you’ve ever considered these too.

Catherine’s review of Almond Dream Ice Cream – Spoiler alert, the salted caramel is the love of my life and has my heart when it comes to ice cream, but the other flavours are delicious too. I’m incredibly jealous of Catherine for having 6 tubs!

Sasha’s Spring Favourites – There’s some truly dreamy products featured in this post and a few of them I’ve had my eye on for a while now. Sasha is a new addition to my Twitter feed and I’ve been loving scrolling through her blog!

Bre’s post on Lush’s Cup O’ Coffee – Apparently Bre and I share both a name and a favourite face mask. Lush’s Cup O’ Coffee is my all time favourite mask from them, and this post was a firm reminder that I need to get some more in my life very, very soon.

Steph’s post on How Non-Vegans Can Help Vegan Causes – Steph’s blog is an all time favourite of mine and has been pretty much since I made the switch to cruelty free. Ever the voice of reason, Steph’s post is full of tips for how you can still make ethical choices and not necessarily be die-hard vegan. Well worth a read if you’re still transitioning, or simply can’t go vegan!

Who were your favourites this month? Share them in the comments below!


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3 thoughts on “April Cruelty Free Round Up: Beauty, Going Vegan and Ice Cream

  1. This is such a useful blog post for Vegetarians/Vegans. I completely agree with so much of this, when I first went Vegetarian I was 16 and I lived pretty much 100% off Quorn mince and Birds eye vegetable fingers. Now I walk into Tesco and there is whole aisles of veggie and VEGAN food and I get legit so excited for it all. I can only hope restaurants pick up soon as there is still such poor choice where I live.

    I never shop at boots as I never really thought they had a whole pile to offer, pleasantly suprised! It is so lovely to have a list of new cruelty free/vegan/veggie bloggers to nosey through as well.

    Lovely post!


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