Alchemy Oils Grapefruit Hair Remedy

My hair is in a constant state of wildness, it seems. Always either too greasy, too dry, too product damaged, too flat. For years I’ve struggled with finding the right balance when it comes to looking after my hair. Lately I’ve been favouring less conditioner, less frequent washing and much more natural products, and my hair is finally starting to get a hold of itself.

Needless to say I’ll try anything once, so I was super excited when I was contacted by Alchemy Oils, offering a sample of their Grapefruit Hair Remedy* to try out.

Alchemy Oils Grapefruit Hair Remedy

One of the first things I noted was that a “sample” was a full 100ml weighty glass bottle. It comes with a stopper, which I was initially a little worried about since I’m clumsy but so far it’s been perfect. Given the amount of product you actually need to use this is a more than generous size. As you can imagine with oil based products you really only need a few drops.

Aside from being gorgeous just to look at, the scent is something else. Being minimal in ingredients there’s not too many scents competing, which is great. The grapefruit comes through in giving your hair a light, fresh and uplifting scent that lasts.

In terms of application there’s a handful of ways to go about it. Personally I use a few drops in the ends of damp hair after washing. I find this makes up for the fact I rarely use conditioner, and controls frizzy tips without weighing down my hair. If I’m feeling a real treat I’ll use it as a mask and apply the night before through the whole lengths of my hair, massaging fully into my scalp and leave on for a minimum of a few hours/overnight. By morning I just shampoo twice and I’m left with silky soft hair full of shine.

Alchemy Oils Grapefruit Hair Remedy

Alchemy Oils Grapefruit Hair Remedy has only 5 ingredients; coconut, avocado, castor and almond oils for all of their conditioning and nourishing benefits, and grapefruit essential oil. This blend claims to nourish hair, promote thick, healthy hair growth and maintain shiny, healthy hair. Grapefruit essential oil is also a fantastic ingredient for taking care of your scalp.

Most importantly, Alchemy Oils Grapefruit Hair Remedy is cruelty free (PETA Certified), 100% vegan (Vegan Society Certified), and palm oil free.

I have been taking Biotin supplements for about 3 months now but since oiling my hair regularly too I have noticed a huge leap in hair growth. Until around June last year I was still hacking my hair back to almost bob length to be rid of the gross damaged ends, and for the longest time I’d been struggling to see any real re-growth.

Alchemy Oils Grapefruit Hair Remedy

Scalp massage and hair oiling are a double edged sword of effectiveness in combating this – nourished hair breaks less, and I’m seeing far fewer split ends and weird wiry bits since using Alchemy Oils Grapefruit Hair Remedy. On top of that my scalp is much less irritated and dry feeling. I’m also definitely seeing less fallout when brushing my hair.

At £24 a bottle I’d consider Alchemy Oils Grapefruit Hair Remedy to be a solid investment if you’re looking for a more natural approach to your hair care routine. One bottle will last a good long while and I still have plenty left despite a solid trial period. They also offer teeny tiny travel sized versions of some of their oils if you’re unsure whether oiling is for you.

You can pick up your own Alchemy Oils Grapefruit Hair Remedy here.

Do you use a hair oil as part of your routine?

Brianne xo

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*This product was sent as a PR sample by Alchemy Oils. All views are my own.


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  1. I’ve been trying this out too and I love it – it’s light enough to treat my scalp and roots without leaving my hair all lanky like most oils. Lovely review, Brianne! xx

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