Age Of Ultron, Liam’s Birthday And Meeting Daisy!

What’s life if you don’t pull stupid faces and take selfies with dogs?

Liam turned 23 last Saturday and we’d had our Age Of Ultron tickets booked since they came available (he’s a huge Marvel nerd). Until we got together I’d seen quite a few Marvel films but I’ve found myself getting more excited about them since we got together. So we raided Poundland for sweets, donned our IMAX glasses, and annoyingly sat in front of someone who wouldn’t stop kicking my chairs.

I think for the duration of the film I was probably more tense than Liam, despite him being the bigger fan. The balance of humour with action and emotional parts was spot on, and the film was pretty fast-paced which I enjoy in these kinds of films, personally. I may or may not have shed a tear or two.  As someone who isn’t an avid comic book reader or proud Marvel Fandom reader, it was nice to get a bit of background on the characters as opposed to simply watching a group of truly badass characters do cool stuff. I also totally want to be Scarlet Witch.

The rest of Liam’s birthday took an even more relaxed turn. Originally we planned to go explore the life centre, and probably eat a lot of food, but instead we welcomed Daisy, his new Jack Russell.

She found a ball on her first walk and proceeded to lie don and tear it to pieces

Daisy is five years old and came to Liam as her previous owners were having to move and she was sadly not welcomes by the land lords. Lucky for us though, because Liam now has a tiny pup who likes cuddles, stealing your chicken, and who likes to sit like a tiny human when you’re watching tv together. Lucky for me, because I get a new dog to play with at weekends when I visit.

It’s a hard life.

We spent the rest of the weekend shopping for her. We raided Pets At Home and came home with the softest bed, a little jumper (because for some reason Liam’s house is pretty much arctic conditions and even Daisy seemed to be feeling a chill) and a rain coat, because much like my Muppet, she hates the rain. We also ate burritos and watched a lot of Good Mythical Morning- not particularly a birthday celebration since it’s what we do every weekend, haha.

I hope you all had a wonderful bank holiday weekend!

Brianne xo

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