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Oh my, what a journey it’s been. Brianneetc was born as a beauty blog in 2015 when I was between jobs and needed something to keep me entertained. I figured I read a lot of blogs and watched a lot of Youtube, how hard could it be? Well, actually quite difficult.

At the time I was depressed and feeling stuck, and one of the few things I genuinely enjoyed was makeup. I loved talking about it, sharing it and wearing it, as well as blowing what precious income I had on it, 9/10. It was the most obvious thing at the time for me to write about. In mid-2015 when I decided to give veganism a go, Brianneetc morphed into a cruelty-free blog – a resource, if you will, for UK women shopping the high street who like bunnies as much as they do their lipstick.

I also wanted to share food that I ate and recipes I was trying. As a self-confessed addict to all things dairy, veganism hasn’t always been the easiest thing. Add it to some issues I’ve had for years with food, and you have a bit of a mess on your hands. Something still didn’t sit quite right with me. Blogging was starting to feel like a second full-time job rather than a hobby.

Not to get too heavy in this little old page (we’ll save that for the blog posts), but I was still not in the best state of mind a year later, and as my blog turned one I was simultaneously struck down by a pretty horrendous case of psoriasis. A sign, if you will. My doctor listed a bunch of causes, including food triggers, beauty products, stress, depression, washing powder and allergies. Basically, everything I needed to blog. I was limited in the products I could buy, I was careful of what I was eating, and I could barely look myself in the mirror, let alone tell anyone else how to.

As we rolled into 2017 I hit a bit of an all time low – unhappy with my job, miserable at home, blogging once a month at best and feeling well and truly directionless. This is where we get to the good stuff.

I stumbled on a book by Sarah Knight – The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving A F*ck. To say it changed my life feels a bit grand of a statement, but it started something in me. I needed to get my fucks in order. I started a journey of self-development, taking in every book, podcast and website I could find that offered ways to feel better. I started meditating and found my anxiety attacks stopped being quite so aggressive. I took up yoga (I know, I know, I used to eye roll too but bear with me). I started journalling near enough anytime I wasn’t in work. I continued collecting and working with crystals and aromatherapy, and piece by piece I started to feel like I was coming home.

Call it an awakening or a cosmic arse-kickingm I was determined to get it together.

It wasn’t just about myself that I felt better – people around me have seen a difference too. I stopped having regular, messy breakdowns at work. My sales tripled over the course of a few months. People have commented that they no longer dread being around me (seriously, I dreaded being around me, too). Somewhere along the line, a light came on for me.

So how does this blog work now?

As we roll into 2018 my mission is to share everything I learned in coming home to myself. From the meditations I’ve tried, to the affirmations that made me feel like a total idiot (but work!), to the books and podcasts and videos I’ve watched and all of the ugly, messy inner work it took to get me here, I’m here to share. My hope is that it’ll help you and maybe answer some questions people my age are running into.

There’ll be workbooks, resources, possibly a podcast(!) and a monthly newsletter to get you there. So are you going to join me?

If you’d like to keep up, I share daily inspo on my Instagram, Pin endless tips and tricks on Pinterest, and live-tweet my addiction to Love Island over on my Twitter. You’ll find the links below! In the meantime, you can also catch me on brianne[.]kearney[@]gmail.com for any other questions, queries, or just to say hello.

While we’re doing the cheeky plug, there’s a box down below to hop on board the newsletter train, where you’ll get all the bonus behind the scenes stuff you need too.

So let’s get started, shall we?

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Brianne xo

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