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Oh my, what a journey it’s been. Brianneetc was born as a beauty blog in 2015 when I was between jobs and needed something to keep me entertained. I figured I read a lot of blogs and watched a lot of Youtube, how hard could it be? Well, actually quite difficult.

AT the time I was depressed and feeling stuck, and one of the few things I genuinely enjoyed was makeup. I loved talking about it, sharing it and wearing it, as well as blowing what precious income I had on it, 9/10. It was the most obvious thing at the time for me to write about. In mid-2015 when I decided to give veganism a go, Brianneetc morphed into a cruelty-free blog – a resource, if you will, for UK women shopping the high street who like bunnies as much as they do their lipstick.

I also wanted to share food that I ate and recipes I was trying. As a self-confessed addict to all things dairy, veganism hasn’t always been the easiest thing. Add it to some issues I’ve had for years with food, and you have a bit of a mess on your hands. Something still didn’t sit quite right with me. Blogging was starting to feel like a second full-time job rather than a hobby.

Not to get too heavy in this little old page (we’ll save that for the blog posts), but I was still not in the best state of mind a year later, and as my blog turned one I was simultaneously struck down by a pretty horrendous case of psoriasis. A sign, if you will. My doctor listed a bunch of causes, including food triggers, beauty products, stress, depression, washing powder and allergies. Basically, everything I needed to blog. I was limited in the products I could buy, I was careful of what I was eating, and I could barely look myself in the mirror, let alone tell anyone else how to.

As we rolled into 2017 I hit a bit of an all time low – unhappy with my job, miserable at home, blogging once a month at best and feeling well and truly directionless. This is where we get to the good stuff.

I stumbled on a book by Sarah Knight – The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving A F*ck. To say it changed my life feels a bit grand of a statement, but it started something in me. I needed to get my fucks in order. I started a journey of self-development, taking in every book, podcast and website I could find that offered ways to feel better. I started meditating and found my anxiety attacks stopped being quite so aggressive. I took up yoga (I know, I know, I used to eye roll too but bear with me). I started journalling near enough anytime I wasn’t in work. I continued collecting and working with crystals and aromatherapy, and piece by piece I started to feel like I was coming home.

It wasn’t just in myself that I felt better – people around me have seen a difference too. I stopped having regular, messy breakdowns at work. My sales tripled over the course of a few months. People have commented that they no longer dread being around me (seriously, I dreaded being around me, too). Somewhere along the line, a light came on for me.

Somewhere along the line, a light came on for me. I’ve seen countless councillors and tried all the meds, and nothing has brought me back the way I brought myself back simply by listening to myself and taking proper care of myself. If I can do it, why not share it? I have a blog, after all. Suddenly, I realised what I should be writing about.

So how does beauty tie into this?

I’m not a total hippy. I do still wear makeup and spend a ridiculous amount of time admiring it. I also happen to believe that what you put on your skin and into your body are two very important parts of self-care – so the type of products I use are evolving over time. I’ve become more ethical across all areas of my life – I buy only cruelty-free products and I aim for natural/organic ingredients where I can. I stopped buying into fast fashion where I can afford it. And of course, I’m still vegan. It’s all part of my journey, so I’d still like to share it.

If you’d like to keep up, I share daily inspo on my Instagram, Pin endless tips and tricks on Pinterest, and live-tweet my addiction to Love Island over on my Twitter. You’ll find the links below! In the meantime, you can also catch me on brianne[.]kearney[@]gmail.com for any other questions, queries, or just to say hello. So let’s get started, shall we?

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Brianne xo

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