A Love Lula Superfood Haul – Kiki Health & Terra Nova

A Love Lula Superfood Haul - Kiki Health & Terra Nova on brianneetc.co.uk

You might have noticed this little space on the internet has been leaning a little more towards wellness recently (I’ve been talking about the importance of self-care quite a bit)…

Which is why I was actually thrilled to discover that LoveLula also has been stocking superfood supplements for quite a while, right under my nose.

For a while now I’ve been using things like cacao powder, maca, greens powders, spirulina etc in my smoothies and shakes. Buying them individually is kind of expensive though and with Christmas coming up I was starting to get a little edgy about how many of my beloved bags of superfoods were running low. Enter stage left: Kiki Health and Terra Nova, two all-natural superfood brands stocking some of my favourite ingredients in incredibly aesthetic bottles.

A Love Lula Superfood Haul - Kiki Health & Terra Nova on brianneetc.co.uk

What I actually picked up:

The Packaging

One of the things I was most impressed with about these products is the packaging – most superfoods I’ve purchased in the past come in sort of sachets, or cardboard tubs that usually don’t keep the products from getting damp or hardening over time. All of these came in secure, tinted jars which keep the damp and sunlight out to keep all of the superfood powders in their best health. They do also look pretty nifty on my supplements shelf rather than being in lots of bags.

Usage & How They Work:

A Love Lula Superfood Haul - Kiki Health & Terra Nova

I originally picked up the cacao powder because honestly, I just like how it makes my smoothie’s taste and it’s much better for you than cocoa powders packed with sugar. Cacao, as it happens, is also packed full of fibre, magnesium, calcium, riboflavin, and other antioxidants. While this is a relatively small container, I’ve reined in my use a little bit and you can definitely tell the difference in quality compared to other powders I’ve used in the past. I use this to flavour my unflavoured soy protein and add a few extra micronutrients to my basic smoothies in a morning (dessert for breakfast anyone?).

A Love Lula Superfood Haul - Kiki Health & Terra Nova

Maca was originally recommended to me after coming off my contraception over the summer and my hormones well and truly went wild. Using Maca in my smoothies is one of a couple of different things I’m doing to try help get myself back in balance. While I’m not particularly fond of the taste, it is high in magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc and phosphorous, and adds a little protein boost too. I won’t say that it’s cured all my hormonal issues, but since starting to take it I’ve noticed a general balancing of my energy levels, my skin and hair have both improved (less really irritating breakouts), and dare I say my cycle is about as regular as it has ever been (and still improving!).

A Love Lula Superfood Haul - Kiki Health & Terra Nova

The Kiki Health Natures Living Superfood is, in its essence, a greens powder with a bunch of added goodness. I bought the super tiny jar of this, to begin with as I’ve had some awful experiences with greens powders making everything taste like grass in the past, but I’m pleased to report this one goes quite nicely in smoothies with minimal nasty taste. It contains all the ingredients I’ve been using individually (chlorella, spirulina, ginger, alma berries, broccoli, kale leaf, parsley, barley grass, carob pod…) as well as algae, enzymes and bacterial cultures to aid digestion. I’ve been super interested in helping to balance my gut recently – although I’m not interested in being completely alkaline, I am aware that most of my food choices haven’t done great things to my digestive system and I’m definitely keen to do better. This is mostly flavourless – I use it in my chocolate morning smoothies so I barely notice it and the dosage, to begin with, is super small. I’ll be picking up a bigger jar when I run out!

A Love Lula Superfood Haul - Kiki Health & Terra Nova

The Terra Nova Cordyceps, Rhodiola and Ginseng was a definite wild card. I’ve been hearing all kinds of good things about cordyceps in 2017 so I was definitely interested, and I’ve actually been taking ginseng for a while anyway.  Without going into too much detail about every ingredient – this is mostly to boost energy, give your immune system a kick and can help your body cope with high exercise levels (not that I’m exercising at a high level (ha!) but I did recently start training again and my body is struggling. I was a little nervous about how this would taste but in smoothies/juices it really is barely noticeable in the dosage you need, so I’m perfectly happy.

While I haven’t been very good at maintaining my supplements over the last few years I’m making a big effort this year – winter is taking its toll on me and I’ve been feeling a little groggy and off with all the darkness, so together these have been a lovely natural energy boost without needing 4 cups of coffee to get me out of bed in the morning!

Have you tried any superfood  products from Terra Nova or Kikki Health? Tell me all about them!


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*As part of the LoveLula Accredited Blogger Program I used my monthly points to purchase these products. All views are my own in my own words. I have not been paid or asked to feature these products.


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