A Super Massive MyProtein Haul

You know when you spend too much time on Youtube and suddenly you have a mile long shopping list? That’s what happened to me with MyProtein and a bunch of their new vegan lines. They had me at “vegan baked protein cookie”.

A Super Massive MyProtein Haul

Not one to make tiny online orders, I ended up adding basically everything I have ever wanted to try from them to my basket and taking advantage of the 25% off they had going on this week (I love you and your discounts, MyProtein). Here’s what we got:

(*Tiny disclaimer: I’m gonna be talking about macros and calorie content and so on in this post so if that’s something you’re not here for this may not be for you)

Active Women’s Vegan Blend

The actual formulation of this isn’t really much different to standard vegan blend, but it does come in cool flavours (I chose banana cinnamon) – which is actually what I was looking for. Most often I use my protein powders in smoothies or oats, but I’ve been on the hunt for something I can throw in a shaker with some water or milk and not have to choke it down.

A Super Massive MyProtein Haul

On top of being in cool flavours, each serving (2/3 of a massive scoop) is only 90 calories which means you can either use it as a snack/post workout/etc or add it to actual meals like smoothies or oats without ending up eating a meal that could feed 4. Active women’s blend also contains a heap of vitamins (we’d be here for years if I listed them all), but most importantly to me it has a helpful little dose of b12 which is fab for vegans.

So far I like using it for my breakfast/pre-workout smoothies with a banana, some extra cinnamon, and some greens.

BCAA’s (Peach & Mango,  Raspberry Lemonade, Cherry Limeade)

Back when I first started going to the gym with Liam, we both used to take BCAA’s during our workouts. He definitely feels more of a difference with them than I do, but they do offer an extra little bit of protein and we both find we’re a little bit more focused. We did switch to pre-workout for a while but I find the extra creatine makes m feel quite sick and I am terrible at timing it right so I end up buzzing on the bus and crashing in the gym.

A Super Massive MyProtein Haul

Anyway, back on the BCAA’s. Liam chose the cherry limeade flavour which I personally think tastes like cough medicine (not even complaining it’s delicious). I picked up two smaller packs of the raspberry lemonade (tastes like sweets) and peach and mango (which taste like peach cordial and are so far my favourite)

Total Nutri-Greens

I’ve recently been wanting to get some spirulina/chlorella/other good stuff into my diet but this works out to be a) expensive and b) not great tasting. I’ve been pretty good recently at getting more greens into my diet having gone more plant based since new year, so I picked up some total nutri-greens for that little bit extra. It contains all the good stuff and turns your smoothies green, which I appreciate because it feels more #health.

As you can imagine with all things green this is packed full of vitamins (and more b12!) and is a nice little addition to your smoothies or oats. I chose the tropical flavour because I’d read that the unflavoured version tastes very plant like, but I’ll probably buy a bigger packet of unflavoured in future.

A Super Massive MyProtein Haul

Baked Vegan Cookies

I’ve always been so jealous of how many products like this people who eat dairy can get hold of, so seeing MyProtein release these meant I absolutely had to have some. I bought a box of 12 (and Liam got his own as well), so it’s a good job we both like them. These are quite fudgy and chewy for a protein cookie – I was worried they’d be super crunchy or hard (everything I hate in a cookie, tbh), but they have the texture spot on. They’re a pretty substantial serving – 289 calories per cookie, but they’re also quite filling and they’re the kind of sweet that makes you not want to inhale an entire box in one sitting.

A Super Massive MyProtein Haul

These are perfect for me with my unpredictable work hours, or as a post gym snack if I’m going at that weird time of day where I come out absolutely starving. It’s worth noting they’re still by no means a “healthy snack” – they’re sugary (still good post workout) and high calorie (because they’re supposed to be), but good to have on hand to beat off the hangries.

Sugar-free syrup

Again, this is the opposite of health but there’s literally nothing in these syrups which makes me feel far less guilty about smothering oats and pancakes and waffles in it. I’ve previously tried the maple and butterscotch flavours from MyProtein, and this time repurchased the maple and decided to try the chocolate flavours. It’s no choc-shot, but still delicious for topping your breakfast with.

Chocolate flavdrops

Not all flavdrops are suitable for vegans (I believe the strawberry flavours contain carmine) but the chocolate, mocha and chocolate-peanut butter flavours are all delicious. They’re good in coffees, protein shakes (I like them with my unflavoured powders) and in oats/smoothies and they’re good  for adding just a bit of extra flavour without bulking it out calorie-wise. Liam did once but the mocha flavour directly onto his tongue. Don’t do that.

A Super Massive MyProtein Haul

MyProtein Foam Roller & Recovery Ball

These are really quite self-explanatory but I’m trying to get smarter about my recovery. My gym has foam rollers already but they do tend to disappear quite often, and I want to roll out more at home too. The ball is a fantastic addition for working out my loose shoulders (imagine a particularly firm shoulder/back massage), and so far has my full approval. You can’t really go wrong.

Liam also picked a really huge pack of chocolate flavoured vegan weight gainer because he keeps joking about getting “fat and sexy” but as I am already fat and sexy it’s not something I’ll be trying.

Have you tried much from MyProtein before?


Brianne xo

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2 thoughts on “A Super Massive MyProtein Haul

  1. Hi Brianne, I have recently started using a MyProtein powder however I believe its only Vegetarian. I will def be picking up the Vegan one next time. I have always wondered though whether I NEED to be drinking shakes or not. I haven’t worked out in the Gym weights wise for ages as I have really gotten into running and have built myself up to 10k in the last 6 weeks. Does running require you to need a shake after? This protein thing is a total minefield for me, however as someone who doesn’t eat Meat or Eggs maybe drinking the shakes could help with making sure I hit my required amount!?

    I really like the look of the Cookies however, gonna have to make an order soon!



    1. Hi Sarah!

      Most sports don’t strictly require you to take any form of protein supplements if you’re able to get enough in from your diet only, but I find I’m really awful at getting enough just from plant based sources as I’m super fussy when it comes to beans/lentils etc and it takes quite a lot of veggies to hit my requirements. If you’re eating plenty of plant based sources there’s no need at all! I would say since you’re running long distance though it would be beneficial to keep your protein intake a little higher than average.

      I used IIFYM.com to work oput my macros based on height/weight/activity levels which is good for beginners 🙂

      Well done on reaching 10k!


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