A Really Big Birthday Haul

Hey guys!

Today is my birthday and I’ve been so excited to show you guys the things my friends and family have given to me, and also the mega shopping spree I had with my birthday money. I’ve been a little reluctant to call it a “haul” because you know, gifts aren’t really hauling, but I didn’t want my title getting too confusing.

I celebrated today by being in work from 7-1 (because who doesn’t want to work the day they turn 23?! It’s like a sign of ageing), followed by lunch at Moose with the lovely Emma. If you haven’t tried Moose in Liverpool yet, you honestly haven’t lived. It’s pancake heaven – a bit of a struggle as a recent vegan but there are one or two veggie options available and if you skip the salads you’re golden. It was still a challenge not to steal Emma’s eggs and pulled pork, which was so tasty last time.

Birthday meal at Moose Cafe Liverpool Woodstock sandwich

The Presents

Possibly one of the most exciting part of birthdays. My “Vegan Taste Of Mexico” book is one of my gifts from Liam- and a delicious one. Mexican food is my absolute favourite and it’s so nice no longer missing out on all my favourite foods. He also got me the Frends Taylor Headphones which I have been lusting after forever. I am absolutely in love with them.

Birthday Haul

On a foodie note, I came home to find my mother had been hacking away in the kitchen at the worlds most unhealthy vegan chocolate orange birthday cake, which was probably the richest thing I’ve ever eaten, but it was divine. I did take a photo to share the magic, but by the time I realised the photo didn’t work, the cake was eaten.

Emma also brought me the cutest little bag of goodies including three books: “The Secrets of Midwives” by Sally Hepworth, “Coming Up Roses” by Rachael Lucas and Between Sisters by Catherine Kelly, I can’t wait to read them all. It’s pretty much my reading list for the next month sorted! She also gave me some gorgeous beauty goodies including the Dusty Girls Natural Mineral Foundation and Natural Mineral Blush, which I’m so excited to try out. Also included was the W7 nail polish in Spearmint, a gorgeous minty shade for summer; a pretty in pink Helen E strawberry gloss balm, some Nail HQ cuticle oil and a gorgeous Orange grove scented candle (I till can’t place what it reminds me of).

And Then Comes The Shopping

Birthday Haul Books

In addition to the books I was gifted, I also picked up The Life Changing Magic of Tidying– a book I’ve seen mentioned a whole lot, and it’s definitely an interesting read even if I’m not sure I’m ready to dedicate my life to tidying just yet.

In the beauty pile… where to begin? I’ve been dying to get my hands on a new Sleek palette for a while since my Oh So Special and ended up going with the Vintage Romance palette which is beautiful. I also picked up a the Barry M Daylight Curing Nail Polish in Fuschia Generation, plus the curing topcoat.

Birthday Haul

Skip to skincare and I fancied a face mask from Lush- Mask Of Magnaminty is so perfect for my skin right now since for some reason my face is looking like I just hit puberty all over again. If a birthday isn’t a good time for a Body Shop Spree, then what is? I came away with the Sumptuous Camomile Cleansing Butter, the Camomile Eye and Lip Make Up Remover, Tea Tee Facial Wash, and finally the Virgin Mojito Body Butter and Body Sorbet

Lastly I also picked up some Bambi Pyjamas and a Central Perk tee from Primark (very well restrained, if you ask me).

My day has been absolutely lovely and I can’t wait to get trying and testing them all! There’ll no doubt be quite a few review posts coming up soon. Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes on Twitter too!

Brianne xo

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