50 Things That Make Me Happy

I can only dream of being as happy as this dog.

Here’s to starting May with some extra positivity!  I love reading other blogger’s posts like this so here are 50 things that make me happy:

1. My dog, always


2. Burritos

3. Nights in with Liam

4. Cute old couples

5. Other people’s dogs (not sorry)

6. Rhett & Link’s videos/Good Mythical Morning

7. Studio Ghibli

8. Tea, milk and 2 sugars

9. Holiday photos

Ah, Zante 2012…

10. Extra toasty blankets

11. Wedding proposals

12. Face masks

13. Fresh bedding

14. Second day messy buns

15. Yoga with Adriene 

16. Any kind of fluffy baby animal

17. Parks and Rec

Leslie Knope for PM 2015

18. Ron Swanson’s giggle

19. Shows like Make It Or Break It on Netflix that I know I should hate but still watch anyway

20. 3 for 2 in Superdrug

21. Nail polish that lasts longer than a day in work

22. Watching family vlogs

23. Flowers

24. Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2

25. Fairy lights

26. Nice customers in work

27. Stripes

28. Sparklers

Sefton Park ft sparklers.

29. Being out on sunny days

30. Walking in the woods

Liam, the wilderness explorer

31. Red kite watching

32. Re-discovering old music I liked when I was 15

33. Community

34. Taylor Swift dance parties

35. Any dance parties

36. Pam and Jim, forever

Click for source

37. The endless recipes on Pinterest

38. Milkshakes

39. Tattoos

40. Liam’s beard

41. Home made burger night at Liam’s

42. Random texts from friends who saw something and thought of me

“Lets take a nice picture, we have none”

43. Shoes

44. Making new friends

45. Nice buildings

46. Ikea

47. Onesies

48. Candles

49. React channel videos

50. Harry Potter

Brianne xo

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