30 Ways YOU Could Benefit From Regular Meditation

If you saw my 10 Little Habits To Practice Self Love post, you’ll have seen that I also have been trying to practice meditation as often as possible.

I’ve been trying to get into meditation for almost 6 years now – since I started seeing doctors and counsellors about my panic attacks and anxiety. I remember it being a teacher who first recommended meditation to me – ¬†although they referred to it as “breathing through it” when I was having a hard time in school, and since then I’ve had multiple counsellors and doctors recommend it to me.

Honestly, I didn’t really get it back then.

I’ve never been very good at clearing my mind, and I’ve never really got the point of sitting and breathing for 10 minutes when the world stops for nobody and there’s so much to do.

30 Benefits of Regular Meditation Practice

Thankfully I’ve since matured a little bit and it turns out that basically, nobody is good at meditating when they first start – it’s a practice, it takes time and effort to improve.

There’s too many types of meditation to talk about in this post (if you’re interested I’ll happily write a fresh post on that in future), but for now, the most common types are listed on Visual Meditation.

Personally I practice mostly transcendental meditation, but I often also practice with guided meditation and have recently dipped my toe into the Kundalini pool. I also use moving meditations like Yoga.

To track all of this, I use Insight Timer -it has thousands of chanting meditations, musical meditations, guided meditations, or simply just the timer feature if you want to go it alone. There’s also a pretty cool social side where you can join groups.

Other apps I’d recommend are Headspace and Calm.

But this post isn’t about what I do personally – it’s about what you can gain. So without further ado, here are 30 benefits to regular meditation!

    1. Stress reduction
    2. Increases your ability to manage your emotions
    3. Increases your ability to concentrate
    4. Can increase your memory and retention of information
    5. Increases self-awareness
    6. Has been shown to increase activity in the prefrontal cortex, home of positive emotions
    7. Relaxation induces the release of nitric oxide which can lower blood pressure
    8. Can help to control emotional eating + other harmful habits linked to stress
    9. Can ease symptoms of anxiety + depression…
    10. …And can also regulate some of the long term effects of anxiety
    11. Research is starting to show potential increase of grey matter which aids concentration in regular practitioners
    12. Reduces the act of “getting stuck” on particular stimuli
    13. Increases ability to work in pressurised situations
    14. Increases creativity
    15. Can increase decision making
    16. Can increase attention span when focusing on one task
    17. The reduction of stress in meditators can support immunity – less stress = less getting sick.
    18. Can increase cardio health by reducing heart rate and blood pressure while lowering release of harmful hormones
    19. Can also assist the reduction of heart attacks and strokes if practised with healthy diet and exercise
    20. Decreases inflammation which is linked to disease
    21. Increases activity in the area of the brain responsible for altruism and empathy
    22. Beneficial for building self-awareness and emotional stability in children
    23. Increases compassion
    24. Improves sleep by reducing stress and hormones associated with disordered sleep
    25. Improves ability to multitask
    26. Increases self-love and benefits self esteem
    27. Reduces loneliness
    28. Can increase academic performance through stress management and ability to focus
    29. Increases productivioty by developing foxus and concentration
    30. Can assist in the healing of Psoriasis along with light therapy.

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One thought on “30 Ways YOU Could Benefit From Regular Meditation

  1. I keep meaning to try to meditate regularly (how weird is it that we have to force ourselves to take care of ourselves?!) because whenever I’ve done it for a few minutes at the end of a yoga class I feel so much better for it.

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