10 Little Habits You Need To Practice Self-Love Today!

Sometimes we all need a little extra loving! Mostly from ourselves. If like me, you’re prone to a lot of negative self-talk or dropping out of things that you know make you feel good, you’ll probably benefit from a little more self-love. Here are 10 little ways I practice self-love!

10 Little Habits To Practice Self-Love!

1. Curate your social media space

Social media is great for keeping up with current events, following your favourite activists and keeping up with all the most recent dramas. It’s great because you never miss a thing. But that’s also kind of the issue – even when you’re mindlessly scrolling, you’re constantly downloading constant information from other people’s lives and it can affect you without you even noticing. Notice how you instantly feel pretty grim when you see certain people pop up? Or how excited you get seeing others?

So I started to work on creating a more positive space for myself online. It’s still not perfect, but I’ve cut people that make me feel anything less than great, blocked content I just don’t want to see and have started following some truly inspirational people. Make your social media something you can really feel good about!

2. Meditate

Oh come on, this was always going to be in here somewhere! Stick with me. Meditation is for real one of the things that changed my life for the better.

There are a million ways to practice – YouTube is an endless well and the likes of Headspace, Calm and Insight Timer are all fantastic apps (Insight Timer is brilliant if you’re after a free resource).

Meditation decreases stress, improves concentration, reduces anxiety, improves your overall mood and has countless other benefits. It’s also a great opportunity to sit down and set aside some proper time for yourself. Try it for a couple of weeks and see!

3. Find some type of movement that feels good.

You don’t have to be a gym bunny to feel good! Anything that gets you moving is great. For me lately, it’s been yoga (one I honestly would recommend) and walking. For you, it could be time on the elliptical or martial arts or running or something else. Do you!

4. Learn how to cope with criticism

This is an endless challenge for me, but I’m learning. Are you the type of person that cries at the slightest criticism? Do you instantly go on the defensive? Something I’ve been working on is learning to hear criticism and let it sit with me a while before reacting. You don’t have to accept every criticism, but you miss some gems by rejecting it based on your ego. Learn to let it sit, soft through it without reaction and work out if a comment is really going to help you in the long run.

10 Little Habits To Practice Self-Love!


5. Create a homely space

You don’t have to redecorate for your house to be a homely space, but you can keep it cosy and your own. There’s a lot to be said for a good clear out of things that are broken, unused or unwanted. Personally, I also like to have a nesting space in nearly every room (not even kidding, we have more cushions and blankets than any of us know what to do with), and I keep my crystals and essential oils all over the house. I also like my salt lamps and fairy lights for nice lighting. Find what makes your house feel like home and use it!

6. Be mindful of what you consume

As much as I completely, totally adore Greys Anatomy, it tends to put me in a really unhealthy headspace that years of being unable to move from bed have taught me just doesn’t work. Look at the YouTubers, TV shows and music you consume daily – how does it make you feel? Do you spend hours reading books that wreck you emotionally? Be mindful of what you’re taking in and how it affects you.

This applies to physical consumption too. You know I’m not here to tell you that veganism is the only way, but there’s a lot to be said for feeling good about what you consume. Give being veggie a try. Be more eco-friendly in your coffee habits. Quit fast fashion. Support small businesses and brands. Do what you can.

7. Try passing on the caffeine

If you asked me to give up my beloved coffee a year ago you’d have been ridiculed, and yet here we are. Caffeine is good in smaller doses, but it’s super easy to become reliant without noticing and it can cause a whirlwind of shit if you let it. I was drinking 4/5/6 cups a day at one point, crashing in the afternoon, and then not sleeping at night. I was the mother of nana naps. I was also jittery, and anxious and snappy 100% of the time. I was a nightmare in the morning without coffee. I took about a week to get over the withdrawal before realising I don’t even like the taste of coffee anyway. I’m more in balance with my natural energy now, better in tune with my appetite and although nana naps are still great, it’s done me the world of good. Give it a go and see how you feel!

8. Work on better sleep

I have an entire post planned about how I spend my evenings (Love Island included of late because I just can’t stop myself), so I won’t harp on too much here. I do usually meditate before bed though, and I almost always use essential oils to help me sleep. There are a million ways to sleep better (I have a future post on that too), but it starts with prioritising sleep as non-negotiable. Functioning on four hours sleep a night is not thriving, nor is it particularly healthy given that sleep is literally the bare essential to be a functioning human person. The ultimate act of self-love is to get yourself to bed, airplane mode your phone and make a good night’s sleep a priority.

9. Be grateful

Honestly, when I first saw people harp on about gratefulness as a tool for self-love, I rolled my eyes and moved on. But for the last 3 months, I’ve kept a hella consistent gratefulness journal where I log everything I have to be grateful for each day. I also use it as a quick technique to simmer down in moments where I’m feeling myself get negative too. It’s a super easy way to 180 your mood and set you up for a better day.

10. Commit to self-love

To love yourself more, you do have to commit just a bit. Learn to set time for yourself, stop cancelling plans with yourself and do what makes you feel good. There’s still an element of discipline to it – I have never had a yoga session I didn’t feel great after, but getting myself on the mat is sometimes the biggest challenge. It sometimes takes a little bit of pushing, but keep at it, and stay committed!

Do you have anything to add? Let me know in the comments!

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8 thoughts on “10 Little Habits You Need To Practice Self-Love Today!

  1. Love this post, Bre! I had a massive social media cull earlier this year and it worked wonders at improving my mood (as did giving up coffee – it makes my anxiety worse and I don’t have time for that). I’ve been thinking about trying meditation so will give the apps you suggested a go 🙂 xx

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